Slick Audio M550 Pre-Config

Slick Audio M550 Pre-Config

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The M550 … our smallest, quietest Audio PC

The M550 is about the size of a DVD case, just thicker.  It is completely fan-less and is dead-quiet.  Perfect for a bedroom, tour bus, or dressing room, where space is at a premium.  There are no expansion slots on this because of its size, but, it kicks one heck of a punch for a box this small.  Comes standard with an Intel i5 processor, 16GB of RAM, 275GB SSD for the OS, and a 1TB SSD for audio.  It also has built in WiFi as well as Ethernet and two video outs.  The M550 also has two user accessible hard drives for easy swap out.  Think about it ... run out of room on your data drive, order another drive from us, pop the first one out and pop the new one in ... instant upgrade!

Pre-Configured Build Spec's:
Windows 10 Pro
275GB SSD OS Drive
1TB SSD Data Drive
1-Year Parts & Labor Depot Warranty